Tina Mike Sing
De: Musical "A Chorus Line"
Interpretada por: Mike y Tina
Solos: Mike Chang, Tina Cohen-Chang
Lugar: Sala de Música
Episodio: Duets

Sing!, en español ¡Canta!, es una canción presentada en el episodio "Duets". La versión original proviene del musical A Chorus Line. Es interpretada por Tina y Mike. Esta es la primera canción en la que Mike canta un solo.


Mike (Tina):
See, I really couldn't sing
I could never really sing
What I couldn't do was (sing)

I have trouble with the (note)
It goes all around my (throat)
It's a terrifying (thing)

See, I really couldn't hear
Which note was lower or was (higher)
Which is why I disappear
If someone says, "Let's start a (Choir)"
Hey, when I begin to (squeak)
It's a across between I (shriek)
And a quiver or I (moan)
It's a little like a (croak)
Or the record player (broke)
What it doesn't have is (tone)

Oh, I know you're thinking what a crazy (ding-a-ling)

But I really couldn't (sing)
I could never really (sing)
What I couldn't do was (sing)

Tina (Mike):
Three blind mice (Three blind mice)

It isn't intentional!

Tina (Mike):
He's doing his best!

Jingle bells, jingle bells
(Jingle bells, Jingle bells)

It really blows my mind

He gets depressed!

Mike (Tina):
But what I lack in pitch
I sure make up in (power)

And all my friends say
I am perfect for the shower
Still, I'm terrific at a (dance)
Guys are comin' in their (pants)
I'm a birdie on the (wing)
But when I begin to (chirp)
They say,"Who's the little (twerp)
Goin' 'pong' instead of (ping)

Mike (Tina con New Directions):
And when Christmas comes
And all my friends go (caroling)

Mike (Tina):
It is so dishearten (ning)
It is so disquiet (ting)
It is so discourage (ging)
Darling, please stop answer (ring)
See, I really couldn't (sing)
I could never really (sing)
What I couldn't do was

New Directions (Mike):
Do re mi fa sol la si do
Do re mi fa sol la si do
La (La!)
La! (La!)
Sing, sing, sing
Sing, sing, sing
Sing,sing,sing (Sing!) (New Directions:Sing!)


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A Chorus Line

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