Mack The Knife
04 Mack The Knife
De: Frank Sinatra y Bobby Darin
Interpretada por: Ellis
Solos: Ellis Wylie
Lugar: Auditorio
Episodio: Theatricality

Mack The Knife es una canción presentada en el episodio Theatricality de The Glee Project, cantada por Ellis Wylie. La versión original pertenece a Frank Sinatra y Bobby Darin.

Contexto de la CanciónEditar

La participante Ellis Wylie de The Glee Project queda entre los tres peores de la semana nuevamente y esta es la canción que le es asignada para presentar frente a Ryan Murphy. Su interpretación es muy buena, sin embargo, el hecho de que esté nuevamente entre los tres peores y que se contradiga a si misma con sus palabras pesa más, y resulta ser la eliminada.


Hey, the shark has pretty teeth, dear
And it shows them pearly white
Just a jackknife has Mac Heath, dear
And he keeps it, way out of sight
when that shark bites with his teeth, dear
Scarlet billows they begin to spread
Fancy white gloves, has Mac Heath, dear
So there’s never, never a trace of red

On the sidewalk, one Sunday morning,
Lies a body, oozing' life,
Someone’s sneaking', ‘round that corner
Could that someone perhaps per chance be Mack the Knife?

From the tugboat, on a river going slow
A cement bag’s dropping down
You know, that cement is for the weight, dear
You can make a large bet that bums in town
(Yeah he’s in town)
My man Louie Miller
he split the scene babe,
After drawing' out all the bread from his stash
Now Mac Heath spends like a sailor
Do you suppose this guy he did something rash?

Old’ Satchsmoke, Louie Armstrong, Bobby Daron
They did this song nice, Lady Ella too
They all sang it, with so much feeling
That old blue eyes here ain’t gonna add anything new
(oh yes you do)
But with this big, fat, band jumping behind me
Swinging hard Jack (That’s Jimmy)
I know I cant loose, When I tell you
All about Mack the Knife, babe
It’s an offer you can never refuse

We’ve got Patrick William,
Bill Miller playin’ that piano
And this wonderful, great, big, band
bringin’ up the rear
all these bad cats, in this bad town
they make the greatest sound you ever gonna here

Oh Sukey Tawdry, (Oh Sukey Tawdry)
Jenny Diver, (Jenny Diver)
Polly Peaches (I know her well) Ms Lulu Brown
Yeah, the line forms on the right, dear
Now that Mack he
(Oh Mack he)
Yeah that bum is back
(Oh that bum he’s back)
And I’m gonna tell you
what I think that you should know
(What should I do)
You better lock your door
And call the law
Because Mack he
he’s come back to town

Get under the bed hide
(Look out old Mack is back)


The Glee Project Ellis - Mack The Knife02:13

The Glee Project Ellis - Mack The Knife

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